Xapiand is a fast, simple and modern search and storage server built for the cloud. It features:

Liberal Open Source license:
  • MIT license (Note Xapian engine itself is GNU GPL).
  • You can find the source code for Xapiand at GitHub
  • Document oriented.
  • No need for upfront schema definition.
Lightweight Engine:
  • Small footprint with very low memory usage.
Search Server:
  • Built on top of Xapian indexes.
Storage Server:
  • Each index also offers storage of files: à la Facebook’s Haystack 1.
Support for query Aggregations:
  • Metrics aggregations.
  • Bucket aggregations.
Multi Tenant with Multi Types:
  • Support for more than one index.
  • Support for different types, one per index.
  • Index level configuration:
    • Schema.
Efficient and Scalable architecture:
  • (Near) Real Time Search.
  • Event driven asynchronous architecture using libev.
  • Written in modern C++.
Geo-spatial support:
  • Uses the Hierarchical Triangular Mesh 2 for indexing.
  • Accepts multiple Coordinate Reference Systems, including WGS84.
  • Implements EWKT.
High Availability:
  • Automatic node operation rerouting.
  • Replicas exists to maximize high availability and data locality.
  • Read and Search operations performed on any of the replicas.
  • Reliable, asynchronous replication for long term persistence.
Multi-Partitioning and Distribution Strategies:
  • Random Consistent Partitioning and Replication.

1 Finding a needle in Haystack: Facebook’s photo storage.

2 The Hierarchical Triangular Mesh.

Core Team

The Xapiand Core Team’s responsibility is to ensure the development and community around the Xapiand ecosystem thrive.