Delete Document API

The Delete API allows to delete a document from a specific index based on its ID. The following example deletes the document from an index called “twitter” with ID 1:

DELETE /twitter/tweet/1

The result of the above get operation is a 204 No Content HTTP response code with no body.

DELETE /twitter/tweet/1 is not the same as DELETE /twitter/tweet/1/, the former will delete document 1 inside index /twitter/tweet/ and the later will delete the whole index /twitter/tweet/1/. Trailing slashes are important.


By passing commit query param to the request, you can ensure the operation returns once the document changes have been committed to the primary shard.

Try limiting the use of commit as it will hit performance.

Optimistic Concurrency Control

Delete operations can be made optional and only be performed if the last current document version matches the passed version in the query param. If a mismatch is detected, the operation will result in a 409 Conflict HTTP response code. See Versioning for more details.