Get Document API

The Get API allows to get a document from the index based on its ID. The following example gets a document from an index called “twitter”, with ID valued 1:

GET /twitter/tweet/1

The result of the above get operation is a 200 OK HTTP response code with the following body:

  "user": "Kronuz",
  "post_date": "2019-03-22T14:35:26",
  "message": "Trying out Xapiand",
  "_id": 1,
  "_version": 1,
  "#docid": 1,
  "#shard": 1

The above result includes the _id and _version of the document we wish to retrieve, aditionally to the actual body of the document.

If the document is not found, it will return a 404 Not Found HTTP response code.

Trailing slashes are important.


By passing volatile query param to the request, you can ensure the operation will return the latest committed document from the primary shard.

Try limiting the use of volatile as it will hit performance.