Index Information API

The simplest form of INFO gets information about an index:

INFO /twitter/tweet/

INFO /twitter/tweet/1 is not the same as INFO /twitter/tweet/1/, the former will retrieve information about document 1 inside index /twitter/tweet/ and the later will retrieve information about thewhole index /twitter/tweet/1/. Trailing slashes are important.

The response will include the following information about the index:

  • uuid - UUID of the xapian database.
  • revision - Internal document ID (shown only for shard databases).
  • doc_count - Documents count.
  • last_id - Last used ID.
  • doc_del - Documents deleted.
  • av_length - Average length of the documents.
  • doc_len_lower - Statistics about documents length.
  • doc_len_upper - Statistics about documents length.
  • has_positions - Boolean indicating if the database has positions stored.
  • shards - List of shard databases.