Numeric Datatype

The following Numeric types are supported:

_integer A 64 bit signed integer type
_positive A 64 bit unsigned integer type
_float A double-precision 64-bit IEEE 754 floating point number, restricted to finite values


Xapiand handles numerical ranges by trie indexing numerical values in a special string-encoded format with variable precision.

All numerical (and also dates, times and geospatial) values are converted to lexicographic sortable string representations and indexed with different precisions. A range of values is divided recursively into multiple intervals for searching: The center of the range is searched only with the lowest possible precision in the trie, while the boundaries are matched more exactly.

Default accuracy in numeric fields is:

[ 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, 1000000, 100000000 ]


The following parameters are accepted by Numeric fields:

_accuracy Array with the accuracies to be indexed. (Array of numeric values).
_value The value for the field. (Only used at index time).
_index The mode the field will be indexed as: "none", "field_terms", "field_values", "field_all", "field", "global_terms", "global_values", "global_all", "global", "terms", "values", "all". (The default is "field_all").
_slot The slot number. (It’s calculated by default).
_prefix The prefix the term is going to be indexed with. (It’s calculated by default)
_weight The weight the term is going to be indexed with.