Simple Query

This is the standard query for performing Text queries, if you use the text field type in your schema.

Additionally, text fields can be analyzed for a particular language if you specify the _language keyword in the field in your schema. If this is the case, a stemming algorithm will be used to process a linguistic normalization in which the variant forms of a word are reduced to a single common form (stem of the word). These stemmed words are the ones used during search. By default the _language is empty and in that case the stemming is not used.


In this example, the field “personality” has been fully language analyzed during indexation. The text in query is also to be analyzed and the analysis process constructs a boolean query from the provided text. The default boolean operator is OR, so in the following request the text will be split, analyzed and stemmed and then joined with the OR operator to create a query.

This query example will match with any document with the word “responsive” in the text field “personality” but will also match documents with the word “response” because “responsive” is reduced to “response” by the stemmig algorithm.

SEARCH /bank/
  "_query": {
    "personality": "responsive"

Resulting in documents containing the word “responsive” in any part of the body of the “personality” field.