This documentation aims to be a comprehensive guide to Xapiand. We’ll cover topics such as getting your site up and running, indexing and searching documents, customizing data schemas, deploying to various environments, and give you some advice on participating in the future development of Xapiand itself.

So what is Xapiand, exactly?

Xapiand is A Modern Highly Available Distributed RESTful Search and Storage Server built for the Cloud. It takes JSON documents and indexes them efficiently for later retrieval.

Document Conventions

Throughout this guide there are a few conventions in the way documentation is laid out and formatted, these are a few of them.

API Snippets

Many examples of API calls that look something like this:

PUT /twitter/user/Kronuz
  "name": "German M. Bravo"

For those, you can always copy the equivalent curl code for it by hovering the snippet and clicking on the copy to the clipboard button:   

Helpful Hints

A number of small-but-handy pieces of information that can make using Xapiand easier, more interesting, and less hazardous. We use several different strategies to draw your attention to certain pieces of information. Here’s what to look out for:

Tips help you get more from Xapiand
These are tips and tricks that will help you be a Xapiand wizard!

Notes are handy pieces of information
These are for the extra tidbits sometimes necessary to understand Xapiand.

Things to notice to help you get better results
Be aware of these messages if you wish to avoid certain death.

Warnings help you not blow things up
Be aware of these messages if you wish to avoid certain death.

You’ll see this by a feature that hasn’t been released
Some pieces are for future versions of Xapiand that are not yet released.

Documentation section under construction
This part of the Xapiand documentation is still not completed.

If you come across anything along the way that we haven’t covered, or if you know of a tip you think others would find handy, please file an issue and we’ll see about including it in this guide.

Development of Xapiand is done as an open-source project and maintaining it is hard and time consuming, if you like Xapiand, please donate whatever you feel comfortable. We accept donations via PayPal:

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