Getting Help

Need help with Xapiand? Try these resources.


Start with our official guide to Xapiand covering installation, usage, deployment, and more.


Similar to documentation, but more detailed scenario-based walk-throughs covering a variety of topics.

Xapiand IRC Channel

Get live support at #Xapiand on, the official Xapiand IRC channel.

GitHub Issues

Search through the issues on the main Xapiand development. Think you’ve found a bug? File a new issue.

Xapiand Source Code

Try reading the source code of Xapiand to see how things work internally.


Add Xapiand to almost any query, and you’ll find just what you need.

@germbravo on Twitter

The Xapiand maintainer is on Twitter. The account is not checked often, so try the above first.