This minor version bump contains changes that break the structure of the data; it adds multi-content documents support, meaning you can now store multiple contents (Content-Types) in a single document. See the Storage reference guide for more details.

The Python client is updated as well to make it work with the new changes; this makes it incompatible with older Xapiand servers. This is, hopefully, the last breaking change needed for some time.

The release also fixes a few bugs and works towards better compatibility.


  • Added :dump and :restore endpoints
  • Added time it took (in milliseconds) to execute a :search query
  • Added sort, limit and offset to query DSL
  • Python: Xapiand client updated


  • BREAKING: Support for multi-content (by Content-Type) documents
  • Using C++17
  • Updated FreeBSD port


  • GCC 7 compatibility
  • Fixes problem with big body responses breaking the logs
  • Towards MultiarchSpec compatibility for Linux