Cluster used to save its nodes and index of databases in the root database; this release makes a BREAKING CHANGE and moves those two things into separate databases: .cluster and .index.

This release also fixes a few issues while searching geospatial data and changes default accuracies for numbers and geospatial levels. It also adds _match_all and _match_none and changes the default stopper during indexation (to “stop stemmed”).


  • Added _match_all and _match_none to :search command
  • Added the Elite Set Operator


  • BREAKING: Cluster using .index and .cluster databases
  • BREAKING: Indexes paths (endpoints) no longer have a trailing slash
  • Use OP_FILTER for terms in range queries
  • Flattened range queries
  • The default stopper during indexation is now stop_stemmed
  • Numeric ranges are now properly calculating the filtering terms
  • Geospatial queries are now calculating better the filtering trixels terms
  • Default accuracies changed
  • Removed _raw from QueryDSL


  • Fixed sort query param during search