This release adds support for _meta in schemas. Schemas can now have custom meta data associated with it. These are not used at all by Xapiand, but can be used to store application-specific metadata, such as the class that a document belongs to or schema descriptions.

Fortunately internal datatypes and structures are getting more stable, so this is hopefully the last big breaking change for schemas.


  • Added support for _meta inside schemas (to allow user to add custom meta data associated with it)


  • BREAKING: Schema declaration no longer needs nested _schema -> schema node; it now only needs _schama
  • BREAKING: Strict mode requires newly created indexes to declare _settings with at least number_of_shards and number_of_replicas.
  • BREAKING: Foreign schemas no longer use _endpoint, it was renamed to _foreign.


  • Aggregations (min/max) which have no elements could result in errors.
  • Fix parser query params to qdsl for not operator