Xapiand 0.31.0 Released

This release increses overall stability and makes logs less verbose (replication protocol no longer logs operations, only when --log replicas is used.

Xapiand 0.27.0 Released

This updates xapian-core to the latest 1.5, fixing queries with multiple shards (when some shards had positions and some others didn’t). Also fixes queries under heavy concurrency using the remote protocol, which leaded to Invalid MSG_GETMSET messages some times.

Xapiand 0.25.0 Released

This release adds support for _meta in schemas. Schemas can now have custom meta data associated with it. These are not used at all by Xapiand, but can be used to store application-specific metadata, such as the class that a document belongs to or schema descriptions.

Xapiand 0.24.0 Released

This release fixes a lot of issues with the cluster and improves cluster stability and reliability. Primary shards get elected and promoted from replicas when there is quorum and at least 5 minutes (by default) have passed since the primary shard’s node has been seen (this happens only for shards being actively accessed).

Xapiand 0.23.0 Released

This release fixes some issues in the schema when indexing nested objects and arrays. It also renames geospatial “height” to proper “altitude” name. Added a lot more tests and increased test coverage.

Xapiand 0.22.2 Released

This release fixes some “undefined behavior” issues as well as fixes an issue which prevented detecting invalid datatypes passed in ‘_type’ during indexation of objects.

Xapiand 0.22.1 Released

This release significantly boosts performance of RESTORE method by launching parallel document indexers. Queries now accept wildcard globs; this allows using ? and * anywhere in the query. Also fixes RESTORE for binaries compiled with GCC.

Xapiand 0.22.0 Released

This release is the most stable/faster version ever! Additionally, it fixes a couple remaining concurrency issues and increases indexing performance by introducing optimizations about special fields _id and _version.

Xapiand 0.20.0 Released

This release fixes quite a few long-standing issues; including full remote protocol support for all queries and remote schemas cache invalidation.

Xapiand 0.19.7 Released

Docker image now using GCC 8 and Alpine 3.9. Experimental parsing of YAML, although responses still return JSON-only objects.

Xapiand 0.19.5 Released

Fixes throttling of scheduled operations (commits, updates, syncs, etc.) It previously had a bug that caused throttling not to work; disabling throttling for commits triggered the bug which resulted in an exception being thrown at certain occasions.

Xapiand 0.19.1 Released

Added fuzzy search and cjk support. Fixes a problem with searching ranges as IDs and schema now properly saves formatted dates.

Xapiand 0.19.0 Released

Intensive writes in a database that was being queried some times resulted in false DatabaseCorruptError errors, fixed. JSON produced \xHH codes which are not part of the JSON standard and some times had problems, removed feature.

Xapiand 0.14.0 Released

Xapian core updated. Floating points are now packed the same way IEEE packs them. Cluster and Index directories were moved (again) hopefully for the last time, they are now in .xapiand subdirectory; this is towards adding support for multiple shards per index.

Xapiand 0.11.0 Released

This version changes the response fields, it removes fields starting with ‘#’, which could be considered a breaking. Cluster .index is now also sharded and adds searching on multiple indexes. Scripts are working again, with a simplified scripting language and support for Foreign Scripts.

Xapiand 0.10.1 Released

This release fixes a bug that prevented xapiand start without specifying a working directory. Default working directory is now /var/run/xapiand (or /usr/local/var/run/xapiand).

Xapiand 0.10.0 Released

Cluster used to save its nodes and index of databases in the root database; this release makes a BREAKING CHANGE and moves those two things into separate databases: .cluster and .index.

Xapiand 0.9.0 Released

This is a rather big release, with lots and lots of improvements and bug fixes. Mainly this one significantly increases performance, fixes issues with Geospatial queries, embeds Xapian core 1.5.0, and adds lots of documentation and examples.

Xapiand 0.8.15 Released

Compression now using LZ4 and Keep-Alive for HTTP/1.0 is now functional. Fixes a bug with UUID under macOS (could result in duplicate autogenerated IDs).

Xapiand 0.8.12 Released

Xapiand now has a default directory for its database; before it was the current directory, now it lives in the standard path at /var/db/xapiand.

Xapiand 0.6.2 Released

This release fixes a problem where restore command blew memory usage. Documents are now spoon-fed to the index, preventing that atrocity.

Xapiand 0.6.0 Released

This minor version bump contains changes that break the structure of the data; it adds multi-content documents support, meaning you can now store multiple contents (Content-Types) in a single document. See the Storage reference guide for more details.

Xapiand 0.5.0 Released

After many months of hard work by Xapiand’s contributors, we’re excited to announce a new minor release of the project, v0.5.0, is finally released!.