Germán Méndez Bravo

Senior Software Engineer, Programmer and IT Project Manager | @germbravo | LinkedIn | StackOverflow | Kronuz |

Serving as a programmer and software engineer since 1999. Repeatedly recognized for developing innovative solutions for deployed software and systems. Responsible for full lifecycle development of next-generation software, from initial requirement gathering to design, coding, testing, documentation and implementation.

Avid contributor in open source including the creation of pyScss, SublimeCodeIntel, SublimeLinter, Xapiand, among others; and numerous contributions in many of other projects, most prominently to PostgreSQL, Memcache, Django and DOSBox.

Technical expertise includes cross-platform proficiency (macOS, Unix, Linux and Windows); fluency in about a dozen scripting/programming languages (including Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Sass, VB, Perl and SQL); largely focused on security, scalability, specializing in web application architecture, micro-services, distributed systems, data structures, electronic businesses, methodologies and software engineering best practices (including Scrum, self-test automation and CI)