Installing SublimeCodeIntel v3.0.

Lately I’ve been working on a new python package: CodeIntel

Python package CodeIntel (, for using with Sublime Text and SublimeCodeIntel v3.0.

To install you need a working Python and pip:

~ $ pip install -U --pre codeintel

If it all goes well, congratulations, you can now upgrade to and use SublimeCodeIntel v3.0 beta.

Having accepted than SublimeCodeIntel v3.0 is yet a beta release, and if you are willing and ready to try it out, follow the next steps to upgrade:

  1. Make sure you have properly installed CodeIntel package before proceeding, it’s a requirement
  2. In Sublime Text, go to Preferences > Package Settings > Package Control > Settings - User and add SublimeCodeIntel to the list of prereleases:

    "install_prereleases": ["SublimeCodeIntel"],
  3. Run the Package Control: Upgrade Package command from the command palette and select SublimeCodeIntel (note it should say there it’s v3.0).
  4. Restart Sublime Text when it’s done upgrading.